V O L K E R   R O S S E N B A C H

The masters of the Post-War Modernism and the Bauhaus teachings were what fascinated and influenced me, like others of my generation, in my young days. I was captivated by artists like Paul Klee, Oskar Schlemmer, Piet Mondrian, Emil Nolde, Edvard Munch, Julius Bissier, Ben Nicholson, Robert Delaunay and Picasso. That is why my first works were expressive-figurative before they approached a more concrete style. During my studies in the field of graphic design at the Werkkunstschule Krefeld I met my professor Hans Joachim Albrecht who was a great supporter of mine. Albrecht was not only an excellent professor, but also a renowned sculptor with a concrete-figurative approach. I graduated in 1969. In the following years I worked as an art director/creative director for international agencies like Leo Burnett or Grey until I was in charge of my own agency: E/B/D in Düsseldorf. My works, including the big Coca Cola campaign from 1976 to 1978, were awarded prizes repeatedly. In the late 70s I went public with my light objects that are taken notice of throughout the world of art. Stations of my exhibitions included the Kunstverein Krefeld and the galery of Löhrl which was one of the most notable galeries in Germany at the time. Those projects were promoted and accompanied by the internationally well-known object artist Adolf Luther who also wrote the exhibition text for my presentation in the Kunstverein Krefeld in 1978. In the 80s and 90s I went one step further: the surfaces of the objects were given an artistic form and they were supplemented with finds. As a result, the dominant effect of the light took a backseat.

You can find those works as well as some of my older creations on my website www.volkerrossenbach.com. My most current works have their roots in literature and art history which I have dealt with my whole life. In this regard they stand in a dialectic relation to my early works: they are breach and continuance at the same time. My light objects already picked up on literary themes, for instance my work “Der dritte Polizist in Begleitung der gelben Geburtswinde“ which picks up elements of Flann O’Brien’s novel “The Third Policeman“. This object can also be found on my website. In my current works I used themes of world literature as well, therefore they have a strong narrative touch. Those themes are often in contrast to themes of art history. When it comes to technique, I resort to modern, digital tools: drawings, photos, filters, structures are scanned in and composed to a picture using Photoshop Illustrator. The large-print technique enables me to print out large artworks and paint them out with arcrylic paint afterwards. In terms of content, my works are based on everything I come across in regard to my everyday life or world affairs. There is no hierarchy because everything is worth being displayed. In order to emphasise the narrative aspect of my paintings I refer to my art as “ Narrativism“. If you want to find out more about Narrativism and want to understand what it is about, visit my Saachi online galery.

Less Education:

Studies at the WKS - FH Krefeld 1965-1969 in the field of communication design .Concluding with Award. State Examination and Diploma Designer.


Exhibition 1973 all time "Haus Velde"
Art Fair Duisburg | Galerie Mölzer 1974
Galerie Löhr, Düsseldorfl 1977
Kunstverein Krefeld 1978
Generatorenhalle Viersen 1986
Museum Kempen (Kulturforum) 1991
Galerie Scholtes, Geldern
Künstlervereinigung AnDer | Mühlheim Ruhr
Sparkasse Kempen
Niermann Kempen
Südstadt Köln
Permanent Exhibition

Volker Rossenbach, Illustrator, graphic artist, painter & narrator
address: Unterm Rehbusch 4, 54597 Habscheid | Hocheifel | germany
phone: 06556-900894, Mobil: 0173-7352713
e-mail: volker-rossenbach@t-online.de